About Topsteel

Commitment to the building blocks of society

The Topsteel Brand DNA

At Topsteel, your success is of our utmost priority. Our proven track record of delivering numerous successful & iconic projects across a wide range of industry applications will give you the confidence in Topsteel to provide you with the absolute best and nothing less. We pride ourselves in offering a positive client experience through our knowledge and effective understanding of your needs. Sound kitchen equipment and metal work involves the effective use of quality materials, creative design and advanced construction techniques. Traits that we have honed and developed over the years to provide your business with that edge.
Your business goals matter to us.
So don't settle for less. Choose only the best. Choose Topsteel.

Brand Philosophy

These are the 5 pillars of the Topsteel Brand that we are committed to delivering:


Industry knowledge


Advanced Fabrication Techniques


Creative Design

Effective & Functionable Creations

Client Value

Top Value

Positive Experience

Care for Clients’ Success



Quality materials

State-of-the-Art Production


Reliable & Durable Products


Timely Production

Cost-Effective Solutions

Highest Quality Control Checks

We have wide industry knowledge and experience in the metal works industry, along with our advanced fabrication techniques, we are capable to deliver innovative and functionable creations made from the first-in-class quality materials.
We care for our clients’ success and therefore we are committed to provide the most cost-effective solutions and conduct quality control checks.

Vision and Mission

We have always believed that your success is our success. Our dedicated Mission is to better our clients’ interests with our promise of top quality kitchen equipment and metal work products. By this decree we are committed to continually strive to better our techniques through constant upgrading of our professional skills and expertise in delivering innovative design, quality and reliable products.
This is the Topsteel commitment.